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Congratulations on your engagement! Based in the heart of the Cotswolds, Ladyamy Bespoke Wedding Design is surrounded by a beautiful, tranquil, magical setting perfect for a gorgeous wedding day. I specialise in stylish vintage chic weddings. Im deaply inspired by my surrounding and privileged to live somewhere so stunning. I love all things to do with weddings, how can you not. Its such an exciting, special and lovely time. I love being apart of such a magical experience with gorgeous couples, using my natural creative flair and passion for the wedding industry to create the most beautiful and perfect bespoke day for you. I gain my inspiration from a variety of things and this diary is me sharing my 'pretty little finds' I hope you like them... I work with local, loyal and friendly suppliers. Thankyou to the lovely Alison of Daisy Cupcakes and Karen of Karen Massey Photography for their lovely imagery and

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Summer sun and Bridal Hair

Hey all.. Have you all enjoyed a gorgeous sunny Sunday? The weather has been so good to us today. I am rather pink though, MY shoulders, chest and nose haha! A very long walk to the park for a picnic with my awesome dude Noah and lots of splashing in the paddling pool in our garden this afternoon as we celebrated Waynes birthday all together.
So after such a glorious day and a few more Bridal Hair enquiries, I have decided to write a post about Bridal hair with a slight Shabby Chic, Romantic feel to it.. I have put together a mood board of a few images of my own work and a few collected from the internet.

Wedding Hair Special
So this evening I am sharing with you all some of my own Wedding Hair Styles along with a few of my fave Shabby Chic Summery styles. Loose curls, twists and twirls, plaits and buns...


A few cheeky tips...

Enhance your natural beauty by working with your natural hair type. If you have natural voluminous bouncy curls then go with it and show them off and if your hair is naturally more smooth and silky then work with it and go for something which will show off your straight silky locks..

Do not over load the products.
An experienced and confident Stylist will use minimum products and pins / grips and will never allow your pins / grips to be seen on the wedding day..

Its very important you have if not 1 then a couple of Bridal Hair practices. So you can be completely confident that on your wedding day things can be done perfectly just as you wish
For maximum hold and body do not wash your hair on the morning of the wedding. The cleaner your hair, the softer, 'fluffier' and more flyaway it will be, which will make it slightly more difficult to control when putting it up aand pinning it in place.

Try and allow your Wedding Hair to be in keeping with the style of the rest of the wedding.

If you are wanting any pre-wedding day colour done, then have it done 7 days before to give your hair a few days to settle and to ensure its perfect.

For more information on Bridal Hair please give me a call

Please take a look at my Wedding Hair service on my website, with my Bridal flip book of a selection of my work.

Thankyou for reading this Bridal Hair Post

Love Lauren

Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday Musings..

Hello all..=)
I hope you all enjoyed the weekend? If you had a wedding or attended a wedding I really do wish you the very best of luck in married life and hope it was the perfect magical day you had wished for.. I hope all you Daddy's out there had a Special Fathers Day and for those who took part in the Cheltenham Food Festival, I hope it was a success and all went smoothly?
It was a little wet here in Cheltenham but with the arrival of my/ our VIP Kings Of Leon tickets Friday, I was nothing less than excited Eeek!!
I also had a very exciting and interesting meeting with Spencer from a very relaxed, professional and charming guy who is an awesome photographer.. So watch this space guys and keep your eyes pealed ;)

Web-Wedding-Images-43Web wedding images-6
Web wedding images-27

This evening on the Ladyamy blog, I am featuring some gorgeous and simply devine Stationery and also a couple of my fave Logo Designs.. Elle is for Love has a link on my Ladyay Loves page. I really do adore her designs and work, Elle is so talented and very professional. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few weeks back at My Happy Vintage Home and I can't wait to have after noon tea with her and Daisy Cup-cakes ;) 

Here are a couple of the Logo's Elee has designed, I simple LOVE them.. they are so perfect for the supplier and very cute


Elle is for Love is owned by Elle, a recent newlywed and lover of all things pretty and decadent, she can often be found hunting for sparkly treasure at antiques fairs! A love of vintage china and fabrics provides much inspiration to her work, though the range is extensive and ever expanding – be it vintage-inspired or contemporary and modern.

Couples can choose from something ‘off the peg’ using one of the existing designs, or have something tailor made using the complimentary, bespoke service.

‘Creating stationery as unique as you’

 Elle provides an outstanding personal service, ensuring her commissions suit her client’s personalities and the theme of their wedding and keeps them up to date on progress and involved throughout the whole process.

As well as a full range of invitations and ‘on the day’ reception stationery, Elle also offers reception accessories such as pretty hanging signs, Sweetie Buffet labels and tags, Confetti cones and stands, Guest books, Keepsake boxes...the list is endless! Everything is perfectly co-ordinated to match your stationery, so you can buy everything in one place!
Contact Elle at to discuss your requirements.

I am so pleased Elle could join me on my blog..

Love Lauren

Friday, 17 June 2011

**Special Offer**

I am offering all Bride and Grooms-to-be the chance to recieve FREE Wedding Day Co-Ordination until
 31 / 10 / 2011

Wedding Day Co-Ordination
**Special Offer**

When the big day arrives I am your guardian angel. Making sure the day flows smoothly from start to finish, your wedding will be managed and executed with absolute professionalism and true passion

From decorating your dream venue to liaising between suppliers LadyAmy Bespoke Wedding Design takes care off everything.
Attention to detail is paramount. My aim is to ensure you have a stress-free, unique, fun fabulous wedding day. With all the personal touches in place you will be able to fully relax and enjoy every minute.
We will initially meet for an in depth complimentary consultation, approximately 6 weeks before the special day, where we will discuss the run through of the day's events, get to know each other and have a chat about all your wonderful plans
It may also be neccesary for us to visit your venue before the wedding day. It's important I'm familiar with how they run their weddings. This will help me create a detailed wedding day schedule.
Another meeting will take place just before your wedding day to ensure all the finer details are in place and exchange all suppliers' details. At this meeting, I'll also collect from you any items which need to be taken to the venue, such as the table plan, favours, gifts, place cards and so on.

On the day I'll be doing all the running around and liaising between suppliers. Allowing you both to simply relax and enjoy your big day.
Collecting up any final payments and ensuring all the suppliers are on time and organised. This will include your flowers being fresh and arriving promptly, your form of transport right on queue ready to take you to your wedding service and bridal party all know what they should be doing.

The Wedding Day Co-Ordination is usually a 12 hour service, covering all the important parts of your special day. Usually ending when the evening food is being served and the evening entertainment well underway.

However, I offer my services when and where you need me. This is your wedding day after all so I'm flexible and I am very happy and willing to work with you and provide a bespoke price.

This is a wonderful way to ensure you really relax and enjoy your wedding day.

To find out more, don't hesitate in getting in touch
Just drop me an email at

All you need to do to recieve this FANTASTIC OFFER is...

be getting married between now and October 2011, there are No catches ;)

just drop me an email..

I really look forward to hearing from you

Best Wishes and Love

Monday, 13 June 2011

Brightening up a grey day...

Village Fete Inspiration

Good evening everyone, well the last couple of days have been a little grey and very wet here in Cheltenham. So, I thought I would do a colourful, fun Village Fete Themed mood board to brighten things up..

I have an adorable bride this summer with a similar theme, although their wedding is a little more 'festival' styled. Its equaly as creative, colourful and fun.

This idea made me feel very excited and almost like a child again.
With hay bales, pic-nic blankets, colourful bunting, balloons, home made beers and lemonade, tea lights placed randomally amoungst the trees creating a really relaxed atmosphere. Candy floss, pop corn and lolly pops, fun village fete music being played and a few activities for all the guests to take part in, like coconut throwing, sack races and a really fun Photo booth...

Take a look at these images I have collected and put together..

Innocent Village Fete 


I adore this beauitful wild flower wedding bouquets, so simple. The collection of colours workes perfectly with this brightly coloured wedding theme


I hope you have enjoed this short post... I love writing on the blog but at the moment Im so super busy its difficult to squeeze in the time.. Make sure you catch me over on the Knots and Kisses blog on Wednesday for my 6th guest post, and for those who missed last weeks
Peaches and Cream


Friday, 10 June 2011

Getting the right balance....

So, this evening I wanted to share with you my views and feelings on a very honest blog post I read a couple of mornings ago and LOVED!
 It really inspired me...  The blog post was written by Kelly, of Boho Events A fellow planner and fab blogger. I am a big fan of Kelly's posts, she is always so honest and informative. She shared with us all how difficult it can be sometimes to get the right work / pleasure balance.  This is something I can completely empathise with and I also understand just how tricky it is to juggle work life / home life and pleasure especially being self-employed and running your own show. I recently have been battling, juggling my duties and like Kelly I feel a huge guilt if I take time out to rest or for myself.

These days it is very rare if I am in bed by 1am and I am always up around 7am - 7:30am with my little monkey. Noah is not even 2 yet so he keeps me very busy.
There is always so much to do when he is put to bed, as all parents will find and agree with me, when the little ones go to bed its clear-up time not relax time haha... Especially when they are approaching 2. They are everywhere and in everything. He is like Taz!! A whirl-wind of excitement and joy about everything, interested in everything, ultimately tripling my work load around the house. Don't get me wrong, I kind of love the house being a tip and I love his enthusiasum and creativity, Its just exhausting lol. He wants to show Mummy everything as its all so exciting and new to him.

I am a very passionate person and tend to put nothing less that 150% in to what I do, whetever it is. This has a positive and negative effect. It means I always deliver a high quality and wonderful standard of work but this does mean that I work too hard sometimes and things can take longer.

So who exactly am I? Well, I sometimes feel like I am having an Identity crisis. I am firstly and foremost Noahs Mummy and Waynes partner. Noah is still only a baby and has only recently started going to Nursery once a week to meet new friends and have time away from me. Wayne, is a Chef at the Montpellier Chapter Cheltenham and as you can probably imagine works tricky unsocial hours and this in itself makes things very difficult, as I do not have as much help at home and with Noah.
To pay for Noahs nursery fees, and for some financial support while I lauched Ladyamy I decided to get myself a part-time job and am also the Supervisor of the Brassierie at the Greenway Hotel, Shurdington Road. This job isn't that demanding but as a hotel the hours can be long and it means that the house work tends to get left behind.

Ladyamy work is done most mornings during Noahs nap times, in the evenings after bed time, on Thursdays when Granma has him for the day, Fridays when monkey is at Nursery and in all the bits between. Juggling being a Mummy, girlfriend/housewifey/Supervisor/running Ladyamy and also being Lauren (somewhere) along the line is exhausting and I have to say, my friends are always the last...

I have already made bookings for coffee / business meetings / play dates and catch - ups in September and October, which is Crazy but with an ever growing business, with such awesome 'stuff' coming up in the next few months, I need to be super duper organised. I am so passionate about Ladyamy and its been such an exciting journey so far.. Ive loved every minute so far and things are only going to get better and busier in the coming weeks, months. I have awesome brides and have made some amazing friends / contacts within the industry.. So watch this space.

Anyway.... I'm rambling now. So I'll finish up with a tip, which I always try and stick to. It is difficult to give myself a day off every week but I always try and makesure that when Wayne and I have a day off together, we make the most of it and do something special as a family. Treat us all to dinner or a day out. Something really fun and memorable. 
Relaxing on your own is also very important, so I also always try and fit in massage in a Spa, so I can 'zone' out and switch off from all my responsabilities. We all need a little treat, something which we indulge in, dont we? ;)

Thankyou to Kelly for sharing her feelings and I hope you have enjoyed reading my views on this subject too? =)

Love Lauren

Monday, 6 June 2011

My Happy Vintage Home

Evening all.. I hope you have all had a lovely start to the week?

This post is all about Social Networking! How its has helped me and where it can lead...

Way back in February when I lauched Ladyamy Bespoke Wedding Design, My little vintage chic inspired Wedding Planning company, I was advised to get networking on the internet, Facebook / Blogging and Twitter..
Well, the thought of this simply scared me as I was hopeless on a computer and rubbish with the internet, and as a new Mummy where on earth would I find the time for this too?? However, social net working has been absolutely amazing for me as a business. Not only for building wonderful relationships within the industry, meeting some truely talented and lovely people, its actually been great for advertising and seeking advice and recommendations when I have needed. I also find that working from home can sometimes get a little, how can I put this? well, I miss the Girls from the office/salon heehee!! So its great to keep up to date with Wedding Gossip, Wedding Ramples and chat to others who are interested in Weddings and Vintage treasures as much as me.

My special Ladyamy letters made especially for my little studio

I have found keeping my blog up to date, fresh and honest, informing peeps of the highs and lows with launching a new business, has actually helped me build trust and success within the industry with more ease...

Launching a new business is always a little scary, especially with the economic climate the way it is at the moment and has been over the past couple of years. However, when you have a huge passion for something, a love of the industry, drive and a wonderful family and great friends supporting you, you will make a great business lady/fellow ;) and it will be a success...

Well what a gorgeous morning to get up bright and early and set off... the sun was shining, the sky was blue, I was super organised and Noah had had a very good nights sleep.
Both uber excited about the special place we were going to be visiting today and the people we were meeting (my Twitter friends)
Our long car journey started so well, but yes we got very very lost. I found out I was a rubbish, map reader / mummy and driver all at the same time, but as only a Mummy would the footwell was filled with snacks / drinks / books and toys for the little one heehee all in perperation for getting lost. So where were we going I hear you all ask?? to Northhampton to meet the Lovely Ali from Daisy Cup Cakes, Elle from Elle Stationery, Hayley from Vintage Scoops and a few other delightful and gorgeous ladies at....

My Happy Vintage Home

When we finally made it to our destination, only a couple of hours late, Oopsie!! Sorry Ladies... Well what can I say wowie, what a super duper place it was. We were greeted by the Lovely Mrs 'My Happy Vintage Home' herself and her delightful daughter. We had a lovely welcome into their gorgeous home. Where I wandered around, in heaven, at the most incredible and awesome display of Vintage Goodyness and lovelyest treasues I have ever seen. Loved It!!

Here are a few of my images from their gorgeous vintage inspired and styled home..

I love the Vintage Shed. Oozing style, history and filled to the brim with pretty vintage treasures. It was literally like walking in to world of Narnia, but Vintage Wonderland!

Everything so precious and magical in its own right, with a story to tell.
I loved the random'ness of everything yet it all fits together so beautifully.  

You can find all of the lovely ladies from todays tweet-up on facebook.. so please do take a look at their pages and say Hi.
You can also find them under Ladyloves on my website, which is a list of all my fave suppliers

Coming Soon...
My Mum is very much into charity shop hunting, fabrics, car booting, vintage and shabby chic stuff too and also, like all of us ladies from today collects / makes / repairs and loves anything vintagy..
She has just began doing things properly and will be up dating her little website and launching her little business very soon, so watch this space

and of course myself...
Wedding Planner
Wedding Hair Specialist and former Stylist

Myself Ladyamy

My new note board made my my Mum
Sues emporium..

This is one of my gorgeous purchases from todays road trip..

This devine handing vintage sign

My new hanging 'Love' sign, so cute and pretty in pink

 I really hope you have enjoyed this little post and loved looking at tall the vintage goodies..?
Love Lauren x