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Congratulations on your engagement! Based in the heart of the Cotswolds, Ladyamy Bespoke Wedding Design is surrounded by a beautiful, tranquil, magical setting perfect for a gorgeous wedding day. I specialise in stylish vintage chic weddings. Im deaply inspired by my surrounding and privileged to live somewhere so stunning. I love all things to do with weddings, how can you not. Its such an exciting, special and lovely time. I love being apart of such a magical experience with gorgeous couples, using my natural creative flair and passion for the wedding industry to create the most beautiful and perfect bespoke day for you. I gain my inspiration from a variety of things and this diary is me sharing my 'pretty little finds' I hope you like them... I work with local, loyal and friendly suppliers. Thankyou to the lovely Alison of Daisy Cupcakes and Karen of Karen Massey Photography for their lovely imagery and

Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Right Royal Street Party..

Good evening everyone, well what a lovely lovely day. I hope everybody has had a fun filled day, in celebration of the Royal Wedding. I would like to say a huge Congratulations to Prince William and Katherine. A simply stunning ceremony, both looking outstanding and as always Kate was extremely graceful.

The Royal Wedding


This is the Ladyamys Ramblings on the Royal Wedding and our Street Party fun and giggles.
Firstly I am going to talk about my views on the Wedding and then I'll share the gossip and giggles from our 'little' Street Party...
Ok.. Where to start? There is so many amazing things to talk about today, eeek!! I have felt so happy and excited all day. I have felt like a sparkling bubby glass of Champaigne, fizzing with excitment!! 

Congratulations is also in order as Prince William has now been titled Duke of Cambridge

There was an outstanding crown in Londaon today, in support of Will and Kate. Everything detailed in Red/White and Blue. A sea of The Union Jack as Flags wave, bunting blowing in the wind and wigs and hats sitting high..
The screams of cheer, love and support from the crowds were incredible.

Prince William
 Prince Willam looked Magnificiantly Handsome in his bright Red/Blue and Gold attire. His red jacked was  heavily embelished with gold and creams, finished off with the stunning bright blue sash and white gloves.  
Normaly the Groom would arrive at Westminster Abbey just before the ceremly begins however, Wills was doing things differently. Arriving about 30min before the ceremony to circulate with quests, friends and close family.
Arriving in a stylish maroon glass roofed Bently with younger brother Harry, Best Man.

Usually a 'Bently' would drive the Bride and Groom (seperatly) to Westminster Abbey and a Horse Drawn Carriage would traditional take them back to Buckingham Palace.

Kate arrived in a Rolls Royce Fantom V6 with her Father, Micheal Middleton.
On the drive to Westminster Abbey, Kathering was looking extremely happy and very elegant, waving to the crouds of people who lined the streets of London in support.

Prince William and Kate  are both perfectly equipted to rule the Monarchy with their ability to be so simply charming and 'normal' yet quietly having an air of authority. They seem to have a very emotional sence of connection to the public which is incredibly important when ruling a country.

Wetsminter Abbey was beautifully dressed today with the grand red carpet leading up to the entrance. The guests were welcomed with a run of stunning 'trees'
Apparently Kate wanted to bring Nature to the people and I have to say the 'trees' looked organic and simply stunning.

A few special quests...
The Queen of Denmark
Sultan of Brunei
The King of Tonga
Prince Albert of Monaco
and the Beckhams...

Carol Middleton
How devine did The Mother Of The Bride look?? Designer - Cathering Walker (who sadly died last year so her partner Siead has taken over the business and is keeping things going) Princess Diana was a huge fan of this particular designer and had a few items made buy the late Caterine Walker herself. 
 Carol looked simply stunning in her powder pearl blue outfit. The shape was not too fitting but figure hugging in the perfect places. The jacket had simple and very elegant detailing on the sleaves and in the centre. Carols hat was just lovely, it wasnt too big and  again simply stylish and elegant. This rather radiant Mother of the Bride arrived in style with her son, the Brides brother, James.

The Queen
How delightful did the Queen look today in her lovely summery yellow number..? She is looking truly incredible for 85years, celebrating her Birthday last week.
Arriving in the traditional in style in a Rolls Royce with The Duke of Edinborough.

The Bride
Kathering Dutchess of Cambridge
How gorgeous did Kate look today?? ...all the little details and personal touches were perfect and completely beautiful in every way. Nothing was too much or over done. Kate filled this day with her personality and ideas, bending a few traditions and customs.

Hair - I just loved this simple 'half up half down' look with the sparkly dimond Tiara.
The long curls flowing down the back, catching on her right shoulder as she slowly moved her head when waving to the croud was so beautiful...
Veil - Kate's veil was so lovely. I thought the way it touched her face was very flattering and extremely elegant.
Flowers - Oh I just loved the creative yet organic feel to this wedding, which really was expressed in the purity and greenery used in the flower arrangments and bouquets.
Usually a traditional Bride would have a rather large flowing bouquet, but today we saw Kate with  small natural bouquet tied with a small white ribbon/bow.
Dress - (Designer Sarah Burton / Alexanda Mcqeen)
This stunning ivory and white dress was heavily laced throughout the top/sleaves and more fitting around the bust area and middle, dropping into a very elegant and larger skirt, finished with a lovely long train of approx 2.7 metres.
I was pleasently suprised by Kates dress choice however, I thought she looked utterly beautiful and as always very graceful.

Street Party gossip and giggles...

Bunting crazy...

My 2 lovely boys...

My gorgeous little dude.. enjoying picking flowers and being photographed

Noah and Grandma

Uncle Andy and a Noah having fun and food...

Our street was packed with people who had all made such a wonderful effert in decoration and food, drinks and games. It was a brilliant day and a fantastic turnn out...

This charming little blue town house won Decorated House of the Street with its huge Buckingham Palace front and hand painted cut outs of Prince William and Kate

Me and my gorgeous other half bringing the food and drinks out..

Take a look at my Mums stack of Union Jack cup-cakes Delicious and spectactular Union Jack Cake, which won Cake of the Street and was photogrpahed by the local Echo Eeek!!

Everybody enjoyed Games/nibbles/sharing stories and making memeories.
The street lined with hand made bunting and flags. Music playing and people chattering...
 The children all got together playing and sharing their toys and the grown-ups all had a little too much to eat and drink, heehee!!
After lots of cake and a coffee and lots of money raised for a charity, I sadly had to head off to work at the Greenway Country House Hotel, leaving the people partying and celebrating.
It was a lovely lovely day

Thankyou to everyone who came along and make it a special event

I hope you have enjoyed this Royal Blog

Lauren x

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ladyamy Website New Pages...

Hello! all you lovely Ladyamy Blog readers.. I hope you have all had a super relaxing and wonderful Easter in the gorgeous sunshine? We have been so lucky...

The Ladyamy Website is constantly being updated and altered. I like to keep all my images fresh and suppliers/links, which Ladyamy adores up to date. So over the last few days I have been very busy making a few changes. The new pages will be live over the weekend... so keep your eyes pealed ;)

The Gallery.. my gallery page will now be devided into 2 seperate porfolios. In a lovely flip-book style the weddings I have been heavily involved in and have planned will be portrayed, alongside a short and sweet description of the Wedding Style/Day and a testmonial.

Wedding Styling/Hair Portfolio
Wedding Planning Portfolio

Ladyamy Loves...The links page, has a new name 'Ladyamy Loves' ...which is all the suppliers and links in the industry which I simply adore. A little list of all the local, loyal and friendly suppliers who I work closely with, some offereing my Brides discounts. This page will also house a few images, which the suppliers in my 'little black book' have given me, to share with you...
Please get in-touch if you would like to either feature on this page with a link/images. I am always interested in building relationships with new contacts and suppliers, who also work within the Cotswolds.  

The Contacts Page...How to contact Miss Ladyamy herself. This page has also been changed. With new text, a much better layout and fantastic new gorgeous vintage images.

I hope you all enjoy a sunny day for the Royal Wedding tomorrow? I shall be doing a pretty Royal Wedding feature over the weekend, full of news/information and the ramblings on local street parties taking place...Enjoy!!

I look forward in hereing your feedback on the changes to my website, feedback is always welcome 

Love Lauren x 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Vintage treasures and restored bots 'n' bobs..

Evening all... so this evening I am sharing with you all a few of my Vintage treasures and restored bits 'n' bobs... The Ladyamy studio, infact our house is completely taken over by my little finds, which I clean up and keep, my collection is over flowing into the garden now heehee!! I have a love and passion for Charity Shop wondering and Car booty's, hunting for Vintage treasures and little bits 'n' bobs which need someone to give them their lease of life back.
I love creating/making 'props' for Weddings and have 3 beautiful old fashion trunks I am in the middle of restoring, which will house some of these gorgeous finds

Take a look at this devine set of Vintage Jewellery
Beautiful braches/pins/ear-rings

On the right is a Facinator which I made by hand for a Wedding last year.. Collecting bits of fabric, jewels and net curtain together and adding a little glitter and a few plastic pearl effect beads

Cupcake by
Cakes Sweet Cakes

Hand crafted wooden heart bunting, painted/sanded and then simply embellished with ribbons and lovely letter transfers

This stunning Cross Stitch was done by my Wonderful Mummy
A lovely Tinkerbel with twinkly shoes

My Mum has an online Shabby Chic boutique, where she makes to order bespoke bits 'n' bobs, with her endless talent
Take a look at her new website (new images and text coming soon)

A large heart shape magnetic board..
Which I have put Colourful fun magnets on but I do have a floral selecyion of magnets too

A draw dedicated to all those gorgeous vintage buttons I source

This olf Trunk is going to be transformed into a beautiful Vintage Chic Tale plan, using ribbons and lace and this space

This photo frame was just 50p heehee
I sanded/primed/painted it chocolate brown and finished it off by sanding it a little more, giving it that rustic feel...
A great prop for a photo booth 

This gorgeous old navy blue trunk is going to be tranformed into a table plan also
Using Mustard/Creams and Navy colours, buttons and old fashion style string
Watch this space

A lovely collection of Bottles, yet to be completed so keep your eyes pealed

I hope you have enjoyed taking a peep at my finds..

Love Lauren